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Network Solutions

MODARNET has a good market presence in network design, setup, configuration, monitoring and diagnostics, and we are one from the leaders to Network solutions providers in India. MODARNET offers wide range of networking services including, Network design, Security, Firewalls, Network Storage, Wireless Controllers, Managed Switches, Servers, Installation of indoor & outdoor Access points, set-up Wireless or wired network, Monitoring and management of network and many more. We can help you work faster while keeping the private information secure. We have the right tools to maintain neatness and reduce space used by thereby we give a neat a clean look to your network while our engineers and cable technicians ensure your network or telecommunication facility are neatly arranged. In Today’s business the security of your data and network must be on a top priority. MODARNET may help you to secure your network by installing updated network security devices, features, and configure them properly. MODARNET continues to have a strong and reliable connections to all customers.

MODARNET has years of experience in Wired and wireless network solutions, Data Storage management, Annual maintenance, designing virtual diagram of your existing network or for proposed. We are specialized in routing & Switching, Wired and Wireless Networking, Advance Network Security, Voice, Video and Unified Communication. We can help you to install, maintain, and administer devices to support single or multi-site-Network. Design, configure and deploy a secure network architecture to meet the requirements of today’s networked applications run upon. Key relationships with industries leading manufactures enables us to deliver the right technology solutions at cheaper cost that fits your business needs. We have dedicated teams to handle different request of clients, we have been working round the clock to provide best services to our valuable customers. Our engineers and help desk staff respond quickly to resolve even the complex problems in the time frame our staff members always work hard to create positive and delighted customer experience at all time. To get a free demo please contact us now.

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Online Services

In today’s business the need of online services is must, everyone knows that the way of sharing information has been dramatically changed in last decade. Stock quotes, news, stories, journals, advertisement, in fact all the information has been put up in electronic form. MODARNET has years of experience to help you present your business online, making your brand a known name and lots of more. If you have worked with many and did not find the correct partner for your business, we may help you and assure the best services all the time. MODARNET provides numbers of online services to its subscribers in wide range of different areas. We provide webhosting, designing, Search Engine optimization, Digital Marketing, Business Videos, email setup, online survey, ratings, or etc. there are different advantages of anyone of these and you can select the best one which suites your business such as, you may choose email services to make your presence official with a professional email address, or choose digital marketing to boost your business. In fact Choose MODARNET to stand out online. MODARNET has experience serving local businesses in their IT needs.

Our services range from To carry on the business of information technology services including e-commerce solutions, design, development and marketing of software applications, mobile applications, cloud computing, develop, import, export and trading of software and hardware products, information technology consulting and web based solutions. Benefits of selecting MODARNET for your project includes; cost-effective IT solutions, Extraordinary track record of improving client’s workflow and efficiencies, deep domain knowledge & expertise in networks and computing systems, talented teams with impeccable references and past performances.

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Internet Of Things (IOT)

We at MODARNET belief in continues learning and improvement not only for digital world but for nature, we have been come out with many devices those would not only improve today’s living style but help us to balance between technology and nature. MODARNET has recently launched AERMON (An Air monitoring device) to monitor harmful elements in air, such as PM 2.5, PM 10, Co2, this device is capable to monitor harmful elements by its pre-configured program and display the results. We have been introducing advance and new technologies to improve office automation in India, MODARNET has an aim to provide best in class features and devices to make your office fully automated if you want to know about our unique products and services please visit our products section to know more!

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