We have a high value system for all our employee as well as for our customers,


Integrity: Doing the right thing even when nobody's looking.


To be open to accepting and balancing the different 'ways' and needs of others. To care for ourselves and others in a manner that promotes trust, openness and personal growth.


To manage ourselves with dignity and an awareness of the impact of our behavior on others at all times. To demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency in all our interactions.


To empathize with the feelings and thoughts of others and to use the insights available from this empathy in a constructive manner to assist yourself and others to grow and mature.


Effective people accept personal responsibility for all aspects of their lives understanding that in doing so they empower themselves. They plan, priorities and manage their time to the best of their ability and respond well to responsibility.



Develop and adapt new technology helps us to synchronize with the time, we strongly believe that the technology can make the job easy in many fields.


What we are? , Who we are? , only our employee can tell this. Employees are one of the strongest pillar in this mission, we respect each and every member with high dignity.


What we are doing? , and how we are doing? , can be only told by our customers, they observe each and every service or product given by us to them and provide feedback whether it is positive or negative. We welcome all our customers to be the member of Modarnet family and join the lifelong journey with us.

Modarnet Family!

"Happy organization makes happy customers"

Modarnet Computer Networks Private Limited